“Today we have our first full clean, and patio restoration, clean all the areas, and then take out the compounding except whats on the steps, then we’re going to re-compound the patio.

The client hasn’t been happy with the patio for a few years, wasn’t laid as good as she hoped, so hopefully once we’re finished she’ll be very happy with what we’ve done.

Ok, let’s start with the clean”.

So, end of day 2, we’ve removed all the compound, given it a chemical clean. One area has had compound put back in.

We’re going to do the steps as mentioned in the first video, but it looks so much better.

The client is very happy and after one more visit all the cracks here should be filled and the job complete”.

Day 4, and this patio has been completely restored. Previously we did the chemical clean and took out all the old grouting and put new grouting in.

Today we applied a wet look sealant to provide UV protection, protection from the elements generally and give it a very very nice finish.

Think the wow factor has definitely put back into this patio”.


Rob Fentan

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