Block Paving

“So, for our second case study we are going to be looking at block paving, now this one is a 27 year old driveway.

Predominately red brick, covered in quite a bit of growth, moss, weeds – the usual, a bit of black spot.

So what we’re going to do , is fully clean it, then give it a chemical clean, and then we’re going to give it a face lift by colouring the bricks and sealing it.

So day one is all about the chemical clean. So this is what it looks like now, let’s see how it looks after”.

“End of day 3, the block paving is back to it’s best. It’s been sanded and sealed. Yesterday we did the colouring.

Now it looks beautiful.

So had to change the 30-year-old drive-way to one that looks like it was installed yesterday”.



Rob Fentan


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